DONATE NOW TO Secret Paths to MarinaFINI july 2017


Open Color will present its third quarterly event on July 15th through July 29, 2017 at Heron Arts in San Francisco, this time featuring the otherworldly Marina Fini. Fini’s latest exhibit, The Secret Paths to Marina Fini, is rooted in humans’ digital search for unattainable elements of nature. Online media’s saturation of nature-related content cannot satiate the desire for organic connection with our surroundings, and Fini will illustrate this theme through new works of art alongside interactive components.

The installation will sit inside a lush indoor jungle full of palms, cacti and other plant life, complete with hidden altars of Fini’s signature plexiglass pieces. Illuminating neons and converted vintage computers spilling over with natural imagery will also be present amongst the flora, serving to highlight Fini’s juxtaposition of the natural and the digital.

Additionally, guests will be treated to raw organic food and innovative spirits as an extension of Fini’s artwork.

 Fundraising Appeal: Below you will find a breakdown of the installation’s goal budget. We realize we are aiming high, so we are reaching out to our widespread community with an appeal for financial assistance. 

Crew - $5,100
Props - $3,460
Build Materials - $2,322
Lighting - $508
Interactive Triggers - $330
Projection - $200
Raw Food - $500
Trucking - $470
Special Effects - $230
Alcohol - $400
GoFundMe Fees - $480

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