Metaphorically speaking, the story depicts the relationship between computer and human interaction....the manipulation and control that specifically apple has obtained and how computers have trapped mankind with technological addiction. The film entails performers creating an altar space around three computers, dancing in a trance like state, and realizing they control the entirety of apple’s functionality for any computer that exists in our spectrum of reality. I executed this concept using 8 performers representing each color of the rainbow and chakra, in correlation to the rainbow wheel that shows up on Macintosh computers. In order to show the rainbow stream of colors, the performers each have a 5 ft long wig, making this their costume. They also have their entire body painted in white to depict their purity and blank essence of being. I intentionally related the Apple rainbow spiral to the chakra system to show this odd symbiosis that technology has with spirituality. The sacred symbolism of cycles and infinite spiraling come into play when the rainbow wheel shows up on our computer screens, which has this almost fatal momentum when it appears. I wanted to show how a rainbow can be detrimental and almost sadistic in its nature and how everything, even the most colorful objects, have a dark side. I am so fascinated with taking the purity of rainbows and twisting them to be this horrific subject. The natural cycles of life have gradually become virtual due to our day to day reliance, causing us to practically worship our machines.

Interview on Tree Temple by Alaska Mangialetto

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