GODDESSPHERE is a temporary, experiential fourth wave feminist art installation and collaboration organized and produced by Californian artists Marina Fini and Emily Meehan. Both ladies have combined their aesthetic forces, as well as that of 17 other visual artists and performers to create a site specific, extraordinary display of feminine power, neon, plexiglass, paint, underground fashion and photography for Miami Art Basel 2016. Goddessphere is an immersive and conceptual sequel to Marina's collaborative 2015 Art Basel show, Motelscape. With this project the artists are aiming to create an accessible, inclusive space that allows the viewer to both appreciate and be a part of the artwork that is the curated space. It’s goal is to contrast the fallacy that art world emulates on yearly basis of hosting "VIP only" vapid art fairs while re-appropriating the institution of a “gentlemen's club” or, strip club, that was originally created by males for males to be now adjusted and allow for a new array of personalities, body types and representation.

The works to be displayed come from a wide array of female//femme identified/queer artists from all over the world and the performance artists will highlight these qualities of their unique vision of a femme identity.

Fini, Plexiglass jewelry and installation designer from LA, will be showcasing her plastic, holographic works alongside Meehan’s paintings and newest fashion collection, Paradise Infinity; a series of Santa Cruz surf-inspired fluorescent spandex wares aka RADioACTIVEdaywear.

Participating Artists

Marina Fini, Emily Meehan, Sarah Weis, Parker Day, Trista Ashley, Leen Hoe, Meryl Pataky, Veronica Gessa, Catey Hager, Cleo Harris, Signe Pierce, Sabine Meyer Zu Reckendorf, Emilie Gervais

Performance Artists

Dorian Electra, Glam Hag, Feelion,

MoodKiller, BASSIDE, Niz Yashar

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